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Company Profile

Manufacturing for manufacturers...

Manufacturers know very well that production techniques are undergoing innovative changes every day while improving continuously. For those who value high standarts, the essecen of production is always, “quality”. With an experience in the sector approaching 40 years, in 2007, Özmak introduced the ISO 9001-2000 Quality Certified Özkum Shotblasting Machines to the loud applause of industrial manufacturers. Today, Özkum Shotblasting Machines bearing CE standarts, are exported in a wide area, from markets in Europe to Markets in the Middle East. Thus this brand is confidently taking its steps forwards on the road to becoming an international brand.

Areas of Usage

Different Sectors, Different Solutions...

  • Crubicle Steel Industry
  • Casting Industry
  • Pressure Vessels Industry
  • Steel Construction Industy
  • Enamel Industy
  • Agricultural Machines and Tools Industy
  • Marble Industy
  • Automobike Sub-Industy
  • Production of Springs
  • Pipe Industy

Export to...

From Europe to Middle East; and All Over The World...

  • Lebanon
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • Palestine
  • Egypt
  • Gambia
  • Greece
  • Senegal
  • Iraq
  • Polandn
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Georgia