Özmak Machine Co. which has established by Özbey Nart in 1975, Menderes/İzmir - Turkey, in order to manufacture for those who manufactures.

At the begining; Özmak was producing crubicle industry machines and tools but than it began to produce hydraulic break presses with the projects that brought form America. Moreover, Özmak brought projects for producing shotblasting machines from Germany in 1990. Nowadays, Özmak exports

all these machine to Europe, Middle East and to rest of the world.

Özmak Machine Co. is giving service under two brands: Özmakand Özkum.

With its professional perspective, manufacturing experience,and qualified human resources, Özmak is a firm which has attained quality standarts,and is known as a leader in its sector.

Let the overall quality to impress you with Özmak. 


In order for firms operating in the manufacturing sector to have influence in national and international markets, it is imperative that they elevate their manufacturing standarts up to an acceptable standart.